About This Project

Katherine MacNaughton’s Masters thesis, The Development of the Theory and Practice of Education in New Brunswick 1784–1900, was expanded into a published version, which was released in 1947 by the University of New Brunswick. The publication was the first and only completed in a projected series of three entitled “University of New Brunswick Historical Studies”, under the editorship and direction of Dr Alfred G. Bailey. An electronic version of the published text was undertaken by Allison Webster and Lisa Charlong at the Electronic Text Centre, University of New Brunswick Libraries, in 1998. By 2010 it was evident that this TEI/SGML version of the document was in need of a significant overhaul, and the website due for redesign. The current electronic version of the text has been issued as part of the University of New Brunswick’s 225th anniversary celebrations in 2010. The project is a result of a partnership between the university’s Archives & Special Collections department, and the Electronic Text Centre at UNB. The 2010 production team:

  • Geoffrey Allen – project manager, correction and revision of TEI-encoded text
  • Vivian Unger – website development, further text correction and transformation to HTML
  • Monica Currie – website design
  • Mike Meade – scanning and image correction
  • Erik Moore – ETC director
  • Patricia Belier – Head of Archives & Special Collections

The electronic version of the text is copyright 2010, University of New Brunswick. All rights reserved. This text is made freely available for non-commercial use. The portraits of Katherine MacNaughton on this site come from the UNB graduation composite photos from 1924 and 1941, which are available at UNB Class Composite & Group Photographs Database (all rights reserved). The image in the site banner is of the old grammar school at Gagetown, NB, and is based on an illustration in the UNB Archives & Special Collections Educational Review site. Educational Review, vol. 8 #11, 1985.